Government Tenancy Registers - Kowen

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Rural PropertyPDF Icon PDF
Kowen Block 1 (Felled Timbers)PDF 897Kb
Kowen Block 1A & Block 1B & Block 1C (located in NSW)PDF 462Kb
Kowen Block 2 (Yalgum)PDF 896Kb
Kowen Block 2APDF 391Kb
Kowen Block 3PDF 1.10Mb
Kowen Block 4PDF 347Kb
Kowen Block 9PDF 358Kb
Kowen Block 13PDF 473Kb
Kowen Block 16PDF 406Kb
Kowen Block 18PDF 398Kb
Kowen Block 19 (Kowen)PDF 306Kb
Kowen Block 22 (located in NSW)PDF 318Kb
Kowen Block 23 & Gungahlin Block 56 (Reedy Creek)PDF 350Kb
Kowen Block 24PDF 374Kb
Kowen Block 29 (Murryong)PDF 900Kb
Kowen Block 30PDF 380Kb
Kowen Block 31 (Gold Mining Lease)PDF 330Kb
Kowen Block 32PDF 321Kb
Kowen Block 33 (RAAF Recreation Camp)PDF 332Kb
Kowen Block 34 (Forestry Housing)PDF 332Kb

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1915 base map of Kowen District with amendments c1940.  Click on map for larger view.

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Kowen Forestry Settlement

AddressPDF Icon PDF
Cottage 1, Kowen Forest (Kowen Homestead)
Kowen Homestead
PDF 358Kb
PDF 319Kb
Cottage 2, Kowen ForestPDF 277Kb
Cottage 3, Kowen ForestPDF 311Kb
Cottage 4, Kowen ForestPDF 320Kb
Cottage 5, Kowen ForestPDF 340Kb
Cottage 7, Kowen ForestPDF 343Kb
Cottage 10, Kowen ForestPDF 239Kb
Cottage 11, Kowen ForestPDF 312Kb
Cottage 12, Kowen ForestPDF 252Kb
Cottage 13, Kowen ForestPDF 272Kb
Cottage 14, Kowen ForestPDF 275Kb
Temporary Married Quarters 2PDF 316Kb

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