The Annual Chief Minister's Governance Lecture

In a city like Canberra, the issues represented in our publically available archives continue to have relevance and resonance today. The archives are not merely quaint relics of some long-forgotten past. They are vital resources, capable of informing our current debates while also accounting for our previous actions.

The Chief Minister's Governance Lecture highlights the rich resources that can be found in ACT Government archives, and their links with the debates in our city today.

This annual event provides the opportunity for a researcher of some standing to explore a topic relevant to the history of the administration of the ACT through the use of newly released archival records. The aim of the lecture is to encourage substantial use of the Territory's archives and to share the results of that research with the broader community through a public event.

The 3rd Chief Minister's Governance Lecture was delivered by Dr Michael Easson on 8 February 2018. Dr Easson drew on the events and archives of 1997 to explore the theme "All Aboard: The Journey of High Speed Rail".  The slideshow of the lecture have been made available by Dr Easson and can be accessed through the link below.

Lecture Resources

3rd lecture - Download slideshow "All Aboard:  The Journey of High Speed Rail"

2nd lecture - Content unavailable for release

1st lecture - Download slideshow "Governing the City State: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" or download PDF (PDF 280Kb)

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File Readers/Viewers

If you do not already have compatible software on your computer, free file readers/viewers can be downloaded from the following links.

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