History of open access

History of Open Access

Public Access Seminar - 24/05/2007

The Australian Society of Archivists Public Access Seminar was held during Information Awareness Month May 2007 before the implementation of Part 3 of the Territory Records Act (No 18 of 2002.).  This part of the Act deals with access to records of the Territory Government and its agencies.

The seminar was organised by the ACT Branch of the Australian Society of Archivists and held at Corroboree Park Hall, Paterson St Ainslie, on Empire Day, 24 May 2007. The Speakers were George Nichols, Chair of the Territory Records Advisory Council; David Wardle, Director of Territory Records; Drew McLean, Secretary of the Fire Brigade Historical Society of the ACT; Greg Wood, Canberra Map Circle; Barry Price, formerly of the ACT Schools Authority and Naomi Lamb, researcher.

Barry Price at the public access seminar 24th May 2007Audience at the public access seminar 24th May 2007Former Territory Records Office Director David Wardle at the public access seminar 24th May 2007

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Minister Launches ArchivesACT and Access to the Territory's Records - 01/07/2008

Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, John Hargreaves, today launched ArchivesACT, a new initiative of the ACT Government which enables public access to ACT Government records and archives.

Minister John Hargreaves giving a speech at launch of ArchivesACT 1st of July 2008
Minister John Hargreaves

"I am also pleased to announce the new ArchivesACT website which will assist the community make enquiries about and gain access to these Government records. While Government records will still be kept in repositories around Canberra, requests for access will be made via the ArchivesACT website."

"An assortment of information can be discovered in the ACT Government’s archives including policy, social, cultural and sporting history."

"I am happy to announce the access of the Territory’s archives and records of 20 years or older to the public" said Mr Hargreaves.

ArchivesACT's Elizabeth Estbergs (centre) with Minister John Hargreaves and first Director of Territory Records Office David Wardle (right) looking at Rates Book after launch
L-R: Kim Morris, Rachel Spano, Elizabeth Estbergs, John Hargreaves, David Wardle 
ArchivesACT's Mark Dawson with local historian Alan Foskett
L-R: Mark Dawson, Alan Foskett
ACT Government records managers at launch
L-R: Wayne Finlaison, Laurie Hall, Marion Hoy, Jill Caldwell
Bill Wood and David Chalker at launch
L-R: Bill Wood, David Chalker

Media Release - Minister Launches ArchivesACT and Access to the Territory's Records: (PDF Icon PDF 29Kb) (Word Icon Word 36Kb)

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