The following indexes were created from source documents and registers. These can be used to identify people, places and events in and around early Canberra.

Index Title


Word_Icon WORD


ACT Honour Walk PDF 212KbWord 32Kb XLS 17Kb 
Blocks Advertised for Lease (October 1924-November 1951)PDF 2.38MbWord 997KbXLS 25Kb
Deregistered BusinessesPDF 1.11Mb Word 15.7Mb XLS 2.04Mb 
Federal Capital Commission Development Committee Meeting Index (1927-1929)PDF 177KbWord 298KbXLS 74Kb
Federal Capital Commission Register of Billiard Saloon Licences (1929-1942) PDF 2.20Mb
XLS 20Kb
First Lessees in Suburban Canberra (1926)PDF 175KbWord 1.31MbXLS 117Kb
Freehold Lands in the ACT (29/09/1970)PDF 2.35Mb

Government Brochures A7411 SeriesPDF 158Kb Word 1.00Mb XLS 182Kb 
Miners RightsPDF 126KbWord 945KbXLS 52Kb
Motor Omnibus Conductors (1934-1936)PDF 214KbWord 503KbXLS 37Kb
Motor Omnibus Drivers (1926-1936)PDF 218KbWord 615KbXLS 43Kb
National Capital Planning Committee Meeting Index (1959-1970)PDF 261KbWord 2.64MbXLS 210Kb
National Capital Planning & Development Committee Meeting Index (1939-1957)PDF 699KbWord 9.40MbXLS 537Kb
NCDC Town Planning Drawings (1961)PDF 1.41Mb

NCDC Town Planning Drawings (1962)PDF 1.65Mb

NCDC Town Planning Drawings (1963)PDF 1.29Mb

NCDC Town Planning Drawings (1964)PDF 1.32Mb

NCDC Town Planning Drawings (1965)PDF 3.28Mb

NCDC Town Planning Drawings (1966)PDF 3.24Mb

NCDC Town Planning Drawings (1967)PDF 2.06Mb

Rates Book : Rural Leases (1927-1929) PDF 183KbWord 1.82MbXLS 43Kb
Ted Griffith's Report : ACT Rural Leases in the 1970sPDF 279KbWord 2.21MbXLS 146Kb

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