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The Commonwealth Government, through the Federal Capital Commission (FCC), created a Territory Lease file for every block of land leased within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The majority of these files are now in the custody of the ACT Government, although some earlier files are still held by the National Archives of Australia (NAA) on behalf of the Commonwealth. Files from both the ACT and Commonwealth Governments have been referenced in the research for this website.

Lease files held by the ACT Government are prefixed ArchivesACT. To see these files, complete the form on the ArchivesACT website at: ArchivesACT Request a Record

Lease files held by the National Archives of Australia are prefixed NAA. To see these files, use the processes described at: NAA Order Collection Items

All Territory Lease files contain one or more form lease documents that set out the terms and conditions of the lease, for example:

Some returned soldiers who held rural leases in the ACT during the Soldier Settlement Scheme have not been listed. In these instances, they already held the leases prior to enlisting or obtained their leases outside the Scheme.

However, our Territory Lease files only provide a small glimpse into each Soldier Settler’s story. Please feel free to contact ArchivesACT to share your stories and/or suggest corrections to contribute to this website:

ACT Soldier Settlers Name Index

The Soldier Settlers are listed alphabetically by surname with the Soldier Settlement block(s) they were allocated. Where a Soldier Settler changed blocks or received more than one, each block is against his name. Administrative changes over time has resulted in some of the blocks originally in the Districts of Canberra City and Gungahlin are now in Majura District. The links for their block(s) will take you to each Soldier Settlers' story.

For an interactive map showing the approximate locations of the Soldier Settlement blocks click here: WW1 Soldier Settlement Map

Settlers Name District & Block No.
Anderson, Kenneth Primrose Stromlo Block 22 - 'Allawah'
Bingley, Ewan Gordon Woden Blocks 11A & 11B - 'Flanders'
Bingley, Harold David Belconnen Block 13 & Woden Blocks 11A & 11B - 'Flanders'
Blewitt, Elvin Joseph Aubrey Stromlo Block 13 - 'The Rivers' & Woden Block 41
Bondfield, Eric Charles Belconnen Blocks 7 & 9
Butt, Robert JamesBelconnen Block 31 - 'Emu Bank'
Cameron, Leo Ewan Gungahlin Blocks 98E, 98F, 98G & 98H
Cargill, Thomas Roy Woden Blocks 26A & 40
Clarke, Cyril St Clair Woden Block 112A - 'Stonyhurst'
Clarke, Wallace 'Dudley' Woden Block 112A - 'Stonyhurst'
Clothier, Hilton Arthur Stromlo Blocks 19 & 43
Cregan, John Edward Colleridge (Jack) Paddys River Block 13A - 'Lower Freshford'
Dixon, Oswald Henry Belconnen Block 21 - 'Kama'
Donnelly, John Francis (Jack) Woden Block 40
Donnelly, Patrick Joseph (Paddy) Gungahlin Blocks 98C & 98D - 'Iona'
Dulhunty, Hubert Alfred (Fred) Woden Blocks 24A & 30 - 'Weston'
Eddison, Walter Herbert Woden Blocks 28A & 132 - 'Yamba'
Fergusson, Maurice Alfred Belconnen Block 52B
Furner, Harold Hughes (Bob) Stromlo Block 10 - 'The Rivers'
Gifford, Frank William Woden Blocks 27A, 32 & 39 - 'Yarra Glen'
Grady, James (Jim) Belconnen Block 39 - Woden Blocks 110F & 110H
Gregory, Thomas David Woden Block 110D
Harman, Alfred Henry (Albert) Gungahlin Block 102B - 'Malcolm Vale'
Harman, Thomas WilliamGungahlin Block 102D - 'Harmanville'
Hetherington, Richard RoyWoden Blocks 9A & 12A - 'Bonshaw'
Jamieson, Thomas Stromlo Block 12 - 'Spring Valley'
Kevans, John Edward (Jack) Belconnen Block 24
Kilby, Athol Carlyle Belconnen Blocks 1, 2, 2A, 3, 7, 13, 28 & 28A
Kilby, Keith Kinloch Belconnen Blocks 1, 2, 2A, 3, 7, 13, 28 & 28A
Lee, Leslie William George Stromlo Block 7 - 'The Cliffs'
Lee, William George Belconnen Blocks 24 & 26 - 'Rose Hill'
Legge, James Gordon Belconnen Block 17 - 'Cranleigh'
Maguire, John (Jack) Woden Block 25A - 'Oakey Hill or Melrose'
McClymont, Raymond Greig (Ray)Stromlo Block 23 - 'Kambah'
McInnes, George Lockhart Nairn Lanyon Block 10B - 'Riverview'
McIntosh, Arnold Arthur Gungahlin Blocks 52, 64 & 143A - 'Macville'
McIntosh, Hector Gordon Woden Block 110G - 'Callum Brae'
McMurtrie, Eric George Stromlo Block 9 - 'Winslade & Stromlo Block 36 - 'Gulla Gulla or Village Paddock'
Muir, James Archibald (Jimmy)Gungahlin Block 105B - 'Honeysuckle'
Murray, Ernest Woden Blocks 8C, 15 & 110B - 'Kurrumbene'
Murray, Harry Gungahlin Blocks 98E & 98F
O'Hanlon, Gerald David Unthank (Gerry) Stromlo Block 35 - 'Thatch Hut or Rabarak'
Powell, Alexander George Allmann (Alick) Lanyon Block 10A
Read, Cecil Gungahlin Blocks 98A & 98B
Robertson, Percival Francis Gungahlin Blocks 98J & 99
Shepherd, Austin Robert Nugent Belconnen Block 14 - 'Belconnen'
Shoobert, Frederick Wilde Alport Gungahlin Block 105D & Belconnen Block 16 - 'Etaples'
Smith, Nathaniel Henry Paddys River Block 14A - 'Freshford'
Southwell, Frank Owen Belconnen Blocks 8 & 8A - 'Crowajingalong'
Tanner, Guy Dayrell Canning Woden Block 26A - 'Illoura'
Thompson, Darcy Mark Lanyon Block 4A - 'Pine Island or Kashmir'
Tickner, William Charles Belconnen Blocks 8 & 8A
Tully, David Thomas Belconnen Blocks 39, 52A, 52B & Stromlo Block 43 - 'Netley'
Tully, Henry Stromlo Block 6
Tyson, Robert George McClelland Lanyon Block 5A
Wright, Albert Edward Belconnen Block 65
Unsuccessful Applicants A list of soldiers who were unsuccessful in their applications for land

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ACT Soldier Settlement Blocks Map

The Federal Capital Territory was established with leasehold tenure, rather than freehold, because land belonging to the Commonwealth could not be alienated. The Territory was surveyed and blocks, sections, portions and holdings were drawn up. These were all given numbers. Over time, these numbers were amended to reflect resumptions and subdivisions. A file was raised for most leases and a title granted.

Given the changes in block numbering, one of the aims of this site is to assist research into locating Soldier Settlement blocks in the ACT.

The coloured sections on this map show the approximate areas that Soldier Settlement blocks covered in and around Canberra.

Clicking on each block provides you with links to information on the block and the returned soldier who leased it.

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