Unsuccessful Applicants

There were many returned soldiers who were unsuccessful in their applications for Soldier Settlement blocks in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Lists of these men are found on a variety of files and have been compiled below.

File 'TL120: Consolidated lease Blocks 38 City & 110F Woden - Lessee Hugh Read transfer to J. W. Butt 24/1/47' contains copies of the lease applications for Woden Blocks 110F and 110H. These blocks were released during the first round of the Soldier Settlement Scheme in the FCT with James Grady being assigned the leases in 1920. PDF scans for several unsuccessful applications for Woden Block 110H are included below.

However, many of the applicants listed below were later successful in leasing other Soldier Settlement blocks in the FCT. Links have been provided against those applicants so you can read their stories.

Bingley, Ewan Gordon
Bingley, Harold David
Blewitt, Elvin Joseph Aubrey
Blewitt, W.J.
Blewitt, S.
Blyth, I.B.B.
Broadbent, J.R.
Burn, J.W.
Butt, J.W.
Calthorpe, J.H.
Campbell, A.D.
Campbell, G.B.
Capes, T.E.
Carney, W.J.
Christie, D.
Clarke, Cyril St Clair
Coleman, William John: Woden 110H (PDF Icon PDF 496Kb)
Coppin, H.J.
Crawford, E.
Cregan, John Edward Colleridge
Cullen, B.F.
Cullen, P.T.
Cunningham, A.J.
Digby, E.
Donnelly, John Francis
Douglas, C.J.
Douglas, Percy Francis: Woden 110H (PDF Icon PDF 410Kb)
Dulhunty, Hubert Alfred
Fitzgibbon, Archibald Samuel: Woden 110H (PDF Icon PDF 537Kb)
Furner, W.A.
Gibbs, H.H.
Gibbes, A.J.
Goddard, W.R.
Gordon, A.
Gregory, Thomas David
Griffiths, E.
Hall, F.
Hall, W.J.
Harris, W.L.
Heath, H.
Heath, W.B.
Hetherington, R.R.
Hincksman, P.C.
Hyles, R.W.
Johns, J.F.
Lamh, H.E.T.

Leahy, R.A.
Lee, William George
McFadzen, Walter Stanley: Woden 110H (PDF Icon PDF 508Kb)
MacFarlane, H.
McInnes, C.D.
McIntosh, Hector Gordon
McKie, J.J.
McMurtrie, Eric George
McMurtrie, K.M.
Moore, C.L.
Meehan, H.J.
Muir, J.O.H.
Murphy, T.S.
Murray, Ernest
Naveau, Bertram Herman Billett: Woden 110H (PDF Icon PDF 535Kb)
O’Hanlon, Gerald David Unthank
O’Rourke, J.P.
O'Rourke, Michael: Woden 110H (PDF Icon PDF 441Kb)
Parker, William Norman: Woden 110H (PDF Icon PDF 456Kb)
Parkinson, J.H.
William Patterson, William: Woden 110H (PDF Icon PDF 437Kb)
Powell, Alexander George Allmann
Reynolds, N.S.
Russell, H.H.C.
Ryan, P.
Smith, E.A.
Smith, Nathaniel Henry
Southwell, Frank Owen
Southwell, F.S.
Southwell, J.A.
Stokes, C.R.V.
Swan, J.B.
Swan, N.C.
Tanner, Guy Dayrell Canning
Thompson, Darcy Mark
Tully, David Thomas
Tully, Henry
Tully, J.B.S.
Tyson, Robert George McClelland
Unsworth, R.L.
Webster, A.
Wood, C.C.
Woodger, A.R.
Woodger (Snr.), J.R.
Woodger (Jr.), J.R.
Woodger, W.G.


ArchivesACT: TL120 - Consolidated Lease Blocks 38 City and 110F Woden
NAA: (A192) FCL120/37 Soldier Settlement Federal Territory - Unsuccessful Applicants

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