William Tickner

William Charles Tickner

Blocks 8 & 8A Belconnen District

William Charles Tickner was born on the 22nd August 1883 at Lumley Park near Goulburn, NSW. He had been working as a hospital attendant at Kenmore Hospital in Goulburn when he enlisted on the 16th July 1915. Tickner served with the 1st Battalion in France.

Tickner was wounded in the arm by German shellfire during a trench raid on the night of the 28th June 1916, near Petillon in northern France. He was wounded again, though only slightly, in action near Hermies in April 1917. He was wounded for a third time when he was shot in the shoulder during the Second Battle of Bullecourt a month later. After several weeks of treatment and convalescence, Tickner rejoined his battalion but was wounded for a fourth time during the fighting near Strazeele in northern France in February 1918. He returned to Australia in February 1919 and discharged "in consequence of medical unfitness" on the 27th April 1919.

Prior to applying for land under the Soldier Settlement Scheme on the 15th February 1923, Tickner married Ida Russell in Goulburn. He had 20 years mixed farming experience and stated that he could raise sufficient money to stock up to 800 acres (324 hectares). However, the lease he was allocated, Belconnen Block 8, did not appear in his list of preferred leases. The leases for the 453 acre (183 hectare) Belconnen Block 8 and the 205 acre (83 hectare) Belconnen Block 8A began on the 14th June 1923 for 25 years at an annual rent of £135/18. Tickner finally signed the leases at the end of 1924.

Plan of Belconnen Blocks 8 and 8A

Plan of Belconnen Blocks 8 & 8A. Click on plan for larger view.

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The proposed Yass-Canberra rail line ran along the eastern edge of Belconnen Block 8 and the ACT border was on the western side. Belconnen Block 8A was in New South Wales, between Block 8 and Gooromon Ponds Creek. Tickner only retained the blocks for a few years transferring the land to Frank Southwell on the 20th July 1928.

Google Maps image of area c2013 with Belconnen Blocks 8 and 8A boundaries in red

Google Maps image of area c2013 with Belconnen Blocks 8 & 8A boundaries in red.

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William Tickner was heavily involved in cricket as a player and an administrator. After leaving the land he moved to Braddon and became not only the secretary of the Southern Districts & ACT Cricket Council, but also the curator at Manuka Oval. He died at the Canberra Community Hospital on the 12th March 1956.


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