Hubert Dulhunty

Hubert Alfred Dulhunty (Fred)

Blocks 24A & 30 Woden District - Property Name: 'Weston'

Hubert Alfred (Fred) Dulhunty was born at Queanbeyan, NSW in 1882. Described as a "crack rifle and pigeon shot", he was William Farrer's assistant at Lambrigg when Farrer died in 1906. Later, he worked at Booroomba near Tharwa where he met and married Edith McKeahnie in 1916. Dulhunty enlisted on the 3rd May 1916 and from November 1917 served with the 1st Field Artillery Brigade in France. He was wounded on the ankle by shrapnel in October 1918, returned to Australia and was discharged on the 16th March 1919.

Woden Block 30

In 1920, Dulhunty successfully applied for a five year lease on the Soldier Settlement Woden Block 30. The block had an area of 804 acres (325 hectares) covering much of modern suburb Weston as well as sections of Waramanga, Holder, Stirling and Rivett.

Google Maps image of area c2014 with Woden Block 30 boundary in red

Google Maps image of area c2014 with Woden Block 30 boundary in red.

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Woden Block 24A

When the five year lease on Woden Block 30 ran out in November 1925, the block was enlarged to 1319 acres (534 hectares) and renumbered Woden Block 24A. Intially the Federal Capital Commission (FCC) deemed Dulhunty should not be allowed to renew his lease on the now enlarged block as he did not reside there. Dulhunty successfully appealed this decision and renewed his lease for ten years beginning January 1926.

Plan of Woden 24A

Plan of Woden 24A. Click on plan for larger view.

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In 1926, Dulhunty applied to transfer his lease of Woden Block 24A to W.L. Alison who was the lessee of Belconnen Blocks 10 and 10A. The FCC agreed to the transfer stating:

"It would appear from all the evidence that when he accepted the lease of the new block that he had no intention of residing on that area. He has since purchased a freehold property near Cooma and hence the application."

Google Maps image of area c2013 with Woden 24A boundary in red

Google Maps image of area c2013 with Woden Block 24A boundary in red.

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Dulhunty moved to his property Mandalong near Cooma, NSW and lived there until 1954. He retired to Merimbula, NSW where he died on 8th August 1967.


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