New South Wales

Government Tenancy Registers - New South Wales

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Rural Property PDF_Icon PDF
New South Wales PDF 361Kb
Bag Range (fire lookout) PDF 349Kb
Belconnen Block 1 (located in NSW) PDF 325Kb
Belconnen Block 2A (located in NSW) PDF 329Kb
Belconnen Block 3 (located in NSW) PDF 325Kb
Belconnen Block 4 (located in NSW) PDF 345Kb
Belconnen Block 5 (located in NSW) PDF 833Kb
Belconnen Block 8A (located in NSW) PDF 356Kb
Belconnen Block 10A (located in NSW) PDF 375Kb
Belconnen Block 79 (located in NSW) PDF 380Kb
Booth Block 2A (located in NSW) PDF 372Kb
Fairy Meadow Block 1 PDF 465Kb
Fairy Meadow Various Blocks PDF 414Kb
Gungahlin Block 12A (located in NSW) PDF 364Kb
Gungahlin Block 26A (located in NSW) PDF 432Kb
Hall Block 2A & Block 2B (located in NSW) PDF 348Kb
Hall Block 8A (located in NSW) PDF 362Kb
Hall Block 19A (located in NSW) PDF 410Kb
Kowen Block 1A & Block 1B & Block 1C (located in NSW) PDF 462Kb
Kowen Block 22 (located in NSW) PDF 318Kb
Parish of Brindabella PDF 686Kb
Parish of Coree PDF 339Kb
Parishes of Bimberi & Venterman PDF 358Kb
Royalla School PDF 283Kb

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