Previous find of the month - 7/2017

Previous find of the month - 7/2017

July 2017

Roll up! Roll up!

A celebration of local events from the 1980's

Pamphlet advertising the Tomorrow's World Festival

From war games, to orienteering, to art exhibitions, in the mid 1980s with the bicentennial looming the Canberra Tourist Bureau (CTB) was gathering as much intelligence as possible on events happening in and around the Canberra region. Looking at these records gives us insight into the recreational activities of Canberrans in this period. What were we attending, and perhaps more significantly, what were we performing, creating, collecting, participating in, and sharing with the community?

In the June Find of the Month ArchivesACT explored the ‘Canberra Means Business’ campaign which aimed to increase business opportunities in the region. One major strategy of the campaign was to increase tourism, and in the 1980s additional funding was provided to the CTB in support of this goal. From producing promotional material to preparing event calendars and even running scripts on the electronic noticeboard at the Jolimont Centre, the CTB were proactive in spreading the word to locals and tourists alike.

The Canberra spirit is evident in the records of the CTB who gathered and distributed a significant amount of promotional material on behalf of local artists, creators and community groups. For this reason the CTB collection of promotional material during the Canberra Means Business campaign are ArchivesACT’s July Find of the Month.

ArchivesACT hopes you enjoy joining us for a lighted hearted look at these images. If you have any mementos from these events, we would love you to share them with us. Why not tweet about it and don’t forget to include @ArchivesACT.

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Arts and Crafts

Letter re the Spence Art and Craft Festival 

Flier for the Word exhibit

Flier for the Haynes Exhibit 
Flier for Pursalus Woven Wearables 

Flier for the 21st birthday of the Spinners and Weavers

Letter regarding upcoming exhibits at the Beaver Galleries

Handout on Snake Fabrics

two promotional drafts for the School of Art

Flier for the Southlands Gallery


two page brochure on Bike Week 1987 

Handout for the 25th Anniversary Regatta

Nike Canberra Marathon, entry form 
Letter from the FXFJ Car club re events in 1987 

dressage brochure for the Canberra championships 1986

ACT Orienteering event planning letter 
Summernats official brochure from 1987  Burley Griffin Bash - brochure and map 

Advert for the Tralee Raceway

Theatre, Music and Dance

Media Release for the Human Veins Dance Theatre  brochure for the 1987 season of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra  Handwritten note regarding advertising for Earthrock 
Hand drawn flier for the Canberra Jazz Club  Press Release for Canberry Fair Jazz Carnival  Pamphlet on the Canberra Repetory Society upcoming shows 
Flier for Canberra Youth Theatre show Elastics  Canberra Theatre Centre advertising for Blithe Spirit  Jigsaw Theatre Company hand drawn flier for Peacemaker 
ANU Arts Centre advertising for the Golden Oldies 

HMS Pinafore press release

Interact Theatre Company memo

Queanbeyan Players present the Mikado flier    

Major events

Canberra Show 1987 event planning letter

Canberra Festival official flier 
Questacon advert 

Multicultural Day flier from 1987

Other Events

advertising - Fuschia Display  Program for the GEnealogy and Heraldry Congress  Mystery Train Tours Brochure 
Rotary Inspection of Embassies Flier  Event planning for the Philatelic Society  Lunchtime concerts at the National Library 
Skitube - railway tour brochure  Heritage Week Railway Tours brochure  Tomorrow's World Today Festival flier 

If you are interested in finding out more about the 'Canberra Means Business' campaign, or you would like a copy of any of these records please contact ArchivesACT through our “Request a Record” service.

To view the original documents you can also contact us to arrange a suitable time to visit the Archives ACT Reading Room located on the top floor of the Woden Library.

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Files Used


Credits (in order of appearance)

  • Rod and Joan Roche
  • Arts Council Gallery
  • Crafts Council Gallery
  • Cuppacumbalong Craft Centre
  • Canberra Spinners and Weavers
  • Beaver Galleries
  • Canberra School of Art
  • Southlands Gallery
  • Canberra Bike Week Sponsors
  • YMCA Sailing Club
  • ACT Cross Country Club
  • FX FJ Car Club of Canberra
  • Canberra Riding Club
  • ACT Orienteering Association
  • Australian Street Machine Federation
  • Canberra Canoe Club
  • Tralee Raceway
  • Human Veins Dance Theatre
  • Canberra Symphony Orchestra
  • Sound Events
  • Canberra Jazz Club
  • Canberry Fair
  • Canberra Repertory Society
  • Canberra Youth Theatre
  • Canberra Theatre Centre
  • Jigsaw Theatre Company
  • Interact Theatre of Canberra
  • The Victoria State Opera
  • Queanbeyan Players
  • Royal National Capital Agricultural Society
  • Canberra Festival
  • Questacon
  • Ethnic Communities Council
  • Fuschia cuttings - unknown
  • Genealogy and Heraldy - unknown
  • Australian Railway Historical Society
  • Rotary Club of Canberra
  • Philatelic Society of Canberra
  • National Library of Australia

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