Auction Transcript

Auction Transcript



AUCTIONEERS: Woodgers & Calthorpe Ltd. in conjunction with R .A. McKillop & Company

ATTENDANCE: Approximately 400

RESIDENTIAL SITES: Fiftyone blocks in sub-divisions of Deakin, O'Connor and Yarralumla

BUSINESS SITES: Eighteen in sub-divisions of Griffith, Ainslie and O'Connor

Mr. W.G. Woodger opened proceedings shortly after the advertised time of 10 am from the stage of the Hall. Also on the stage during the whole period of the auction were Mr. R.A. McKillop, Mr. O. Woodgers, an employee of Woodgers and Calthorpe, and an employee of R.A. McKillop & Co. Other employees of both firms were seated at tables placed in the Hall at the left of the stage (north end) for the purpose of distributing lease particulars and plans, assisting successful bidders to complete a written acknowledgment of a bid and accepting monies and issuing receipts.

A statement prepared by this Department was read by Mr. W.G. Woodger who invited persons to read the usual residential and business lease documents which were produced. He then read Clause 3 of the lease agreement relating to the renewal of lease upon expiration and stated the lessees would be granted Tenant Right in improvements erected on blocks and as provided in City Area Leases Ordinance, and emphasised that neither firm of auctioneers had an interest in the sale other than as agents for the Commonwealth.

The contract wherein the successful bidder was required to acknowledge his bid was read by Mr. W.G. Woodger who immediately afterwards read the summary of lease conditions concerning residential sites and added "rent for the time being is 4% on the Reserve value as previously stated." Continuing, Mr. Woodger said that as Canberra recommended itself there was no need for him to pay any tribute. He stated that the Acting Surveyor-General who was present, had requested that he invite any member of the public to ask any question so that there would be no doubt in the minds of intending bidders.

The following question was asked :-

"When will the road be constructed in Northcote Crescent?"

and Mr.I.C. Charlesworth replied :-

"Services will be provided by the time houses can be completed."

There being no further questions, Mr. W.G. Woodger called on Mr. R.A. McKillop to conduct the sale, the first block offered being Block 18, Section 9, Deakin, then Blocks 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 , 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, of Section 9 in that order then Blocks 2 to 10 in numerical sequence in Section 10 Deakin, followed by blocks in O'Connor and Yarralumla.

After the sale of the last residential site, Mr. W.G. Woodger read the schedule of lease conditions of business sites and reminded intending purchasers "of the restriction of one block".

The following questions were then asked :­-

(a) Will the Department provide paths, kerbs and gutters in front of shops?

(b) If the successful bidder decides not to proceed with the building, will he lose his premium?

(c) Can a Limited Liability Company bid?

(d) Can the purchaser of the block next to an existing shop use portion of the wall?

To (a), (b), and (c) Mr. Charlesworth replied "Yes", and to (d) "Yes, the wall can be a party wall, and the successful bidder can purchase the right to use the wall by paying to the Commonwealth half the cost of its construction. Party walls are provided for in the Ordinance."

Mr. Woodger then commenced to sell the business sites in numerical order in the sequence of Griffith, Ainslie and O'Connor. Sales were completed at 12.10 pm.

F.A. Mitchell
A/g Senior Clerk, ACT
Clerical Section

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