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To Define What Is Obscene

Objectionable Publications Ordinance 1958

Transcripts of Letters

Letter to ACT Advisory Council from the Southern Tablelands Group of the NSW Country Women's Association dated 31st of August 1954:

Country Womens Association NSW
Southern Tablelands Group

RMB 34


The President
Federal T. Advisory Committee

Dear Sir,

I was very pleased to hear in the regional news, this morning, that your Committee is concerned about some types of comics & Literature, we, the S.T. Group of C.W.A., have asked before, for the banning of these by the Government. I have on our Agenda paper for our Group Conference at Cooma on Oct. 14 next, the following resolution. "That, while we are concerned about the effect of telivision [sic] on the minds of the youth of our land, we work for a more moral tone in the daily Press, & I urge the N.S.W. Government to place a ban on some types of comics & literature as is found in other States."

So maybe we will have your support with this. Wishing you the best in your new position.

Yours faithfully

Merle Mould
President S.T. Group

Letter to the ACT Advisory Council from the Catholic Women's League of the Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn dated 2nd of September 1954:

Catholic Women's League of the Archdiocese of Canberra-Goulburn.
(Dedicated to the Holy Spirit, and Our Lady, Help of Christians.)

39 Duffy St.,
Ainslie A.C.T.

2nd Sept. 1954

The Secretary,
Advisory Council of A.C.T.

Dear Sir,

The Catholic Women's League wishes to support, wholeheartedly, the very excellent recommendation put to the Advisory Council by Mr. W. Byrne in connection with the sale of objectionable literature in the A.C.T.

At the Federal Conference of Catholic Women held in Hobart last year the following recommendation was carried, "That our Federal Council of Catholic Women approach the Federal Government on the importation and publication here in Australia of objectionable literature, pictures and articles, and that we support any other organisations working for stricter censorship."

We are happy to have the opportunity of carrying out this recommendation.

Yours sincerely

(Mrs.) N.M. Thomas. Hon. Sec.

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