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May 2010

Everyone Matters : Paper Quilt

The theme for this year’s Information Awareness Month; Access Across the Generations reflects the ACT Department of Education and Training’s Strategic Plan Everyone matters.

The Everyone Matters quilt explores the idea that you belong to a growing patchwork of students across generations in the ACT.

Everyone Matters Paper Quilt

No matter what your pattern, you fit in and have access to information for learning and for life.

Detail of a Patch

The paper quilts are visual stories about keeping your records and caring for your personal information.

Detail of a Patch

The quilts are constructed from copies of covered class rolls and their contents from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Class Rolls used in the Creation of the Quilt

Installation of the Quilt by Paull McKee
Creator of the Quilt, the Department of Education & Training's Paull McKee

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What Matters to You? : Memory Boxes Project 

This project explores the ideas around keeping and memories. Here you can learn to make your own origami folded memory box for your personal memorabilia.

Memory Box

The following JPGs are selected scans of class roll covers that can be used to create memory boxes.

 Memory Boxes

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